Making it fun and productive for the entire family!

It’s no secret we would all rather be at the practice range pounding golf ball after golf ball right now, or working on some pre-season swing tuning with our favorite pro. But, we have a slightly different hand we have to play this year.  Rest assured, golf season is coming and we will have the course ready for you… We can’t wait to have you back! In the meantime, here are a number of great things you and your whole family can do in preparation for it!

THE STUFF… You don’t need all, or even any of this, for some of what we are about to share, but here are some recommendations on things you can get without leaving home to help you prep.

Let’s start with a golf net.  You may not be able to go to the range, but that shouldn’t stop you from hitting full shots at home.  

CLICK HERE for one that can be delivered to your doorstep tomorrow!

For safe indoor practice, but real feel, not the plastic-like feel from old school practice balls, CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget to hone your short game – too many strokes are lost around the green.  CLICK HERE for one of the best chipping nets around.

Don’t want to ruin your grass in your yard you work so hard to maintain?  Check out this hitting mat. CLICK HERE  It has tee, fairway, and rough simulated for you.


Now, to be ready to putt for dough once back on the course, here is a solid recommendation – CLICK HERE.

Again, all of these are just items we recommend, but none of them are necessary. Let’s talk some vital golf workouts you can do too!


HERE are FIVE great golf drills you can do at home with nothing more than things you have around the house and your clubs.

One of the things we are all looking for in our game is more power, which comes from more speed in our swing.  The video below has some exercises to help you develop more of that speed.

Finally, let’s get social with it and have some fun. A great golf professional to follow who is fun and can help with your at home workouts is @tishaalyn. HERE is a link to a recent Instagram post of her’s.

Now, let’s make it even more fun – with the extra time we are found with at home, what better time to begin learning some trickshots! Our recommendations in social media are to follow along with @taniatare63, @coach_rusty, and @holein1trickshots. Check out THIS VIDEO as just one fun example.  Let’s see how many of these you can bring to the course this summer!

AND finally, let’s not forget how much fun golf can just be to watch.  Pull up a chair to your favorite smart TV, computer, tablet, or even phone, and just enjoy watching some of the following!